Pilates method includes Mat Work, a series of floor exercises on a mat. It is a global training program, divided in levels, containing the pure and original exercises that Pilates inserted in text “Return to Life”, a great evidence of his floor routine concept. There are three difficulty level: entry, intermediate and advanced.


Called Rehabilitation Table, Cadillac was born to develop proprioceptive component of neuromuscular work with therapeutic approach. It is composed by a bed-shape wood frame with a metallic structure installed on it, used to insert springs, accessories, stuffed straps, tools like the Trapeze and angles. The exercises can be insert in various programs (postural-rehab, muscular, stretching) and suitable for every single need.


It consists of an extended support frame where a mobile carriage is located. This one allows to work with springs of different resistances and lends Reformer to be very adaptable for a broader selection of exercises and variations in different positions: supine, prone, lateral, seated, erect and on your knees.


It is a wooden cylinder-shaped tool, externally stuffed, used to practice exercises that encourage the mobilization of spinal column in every segment, always engaging all muscular chains. Originally designed with the same technique used for barrels, as indicated by the name, this tool uses nowadays potential of new techniques applied also to wood.


It consists of two essential parts: step and barrel. Ideal for exercises related to: balance, posture, toning, flexibility and mobilization.


A tool ideal for exercised concerned with posture, strengthening, coordination, balancing and rotation. Pilates designed it as a pulling machine to use at home, composed by a footstool support provided with springs applied to a seat. Exercises can be conducted seated, lying on the floor, standing or prone.


It consists of a metallic circle with a diameter of 40 cm, provided with lateral handles, used for exercises specific for isometric reinforcement, pelvis stabilization, balance and toning. It can be used standing, seated, lying on the back, on the side. Pressure on the Circle can be exercised both inwards and outwards, in order to tone different muscles.


The traditional tools of Pilates method are accompanied with elastic bands with different tension, small weights, edge, ankle braces, tender balls and fit balls, enriching with variants the research of focused, specific and effective exercises.