Tacfit (tactical Fitness) is a new training program that improves muscular tone and body structure and develops agility, coordination and mental strength. Developed by Scott Sonnon, it has been adopted by NY Police, Lotar (Israel anti-terrorism force), U.S.A border Police, Italian G.I.S. and many other special forces around the world, as well as by many US fire departments. Body is the first and main tool used by Tacfit discipline, combined with various equipments such as club bells, kettlebells, medicine ball, sandbags, rings, parallel bars, elastic bands and so on. Main objectives are: * building strength, resistance and agility in a functional way; * improving balance and biomechanical performance; * developing a muscular tone not simply scenic but linked to an athletic need * giving a touch of fun and variety at the training session A Tacfit session lasts 20 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes. 60 minutes is the maximum time, with the addition of joint mobility and compensation exercises before and after the main session. Tacfit is an ever-changing discipline. Codified but not still!